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List of Bahrain Food Suppliers Importers Distributors Wholesalers

List of Bahrain Food Importers / Suppliers / Wholesale Distributors

P.O.Box 2884  
Kingdom of Bahrain

Food importers and suppliers in Bahrain. Importing, exporting and trading fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, frozen goods, dairy products and many more. Supplying to the Bahraini Market.

Building 891, Road 115
Block 601, Sitra, Bahrain

Food suppliers in Bahrain. Marketing and distribution company in Bahrain. Importing large range of food stuff from all over the world including Rice, spices, pulses, oils, sugar, frozen fruits and vegetables etc.

Salman Industrial Area - HIDD, Block 115,
Road 17, Bldg 47,
Kingdom Of Bahrain

Food importers and suppliers in Bahrain. The company deals in wide range of products including spices, coffee, lentils, nuts and tea etc.Specialize in freshly roasted coffee Arabic, Turkish and European coffee procuring the best coffee beans, from countries such as Brazil, Kenya, Uganda and Columbia. Source the best quality dry roast nuts such as cashews, almonds and pistachio from countries such as India, Vietnam, Brazil, Sri Lanka, China and Indonesia.

Building No. 1091 Road 219 Block 302
AlMutanabi Ave

Food wholesalers in Bahrain. Wholesale and distribution of food and food related products which includes grains and pulses, spices, dried fruits, nuts and kernels, pasta, canned products, confectionaries, snacks etc.

129/Building no. 51, Road no. 14, Block 314,
PO Box 2905, Central Market, Manama,
Kingdom of Bahrain,

Food suppliers in Bahrain. Importers, wholesalers and suppliers of all foodstuffs, fresh fruits and vegetables, dry and processed foods such as lentils, rice, sugar etc. to Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hotels and Ship Chandlers in Bahrain. Importing from countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, Far East, USA, Brazil, Europe, Middle East and other countries.

Bldg: 2577, Road : 855,
Block: 608, Wadiyan,
Sitra, Kingdom of Bahrain

Food suppliers in Bahrain. Importers & exporters, supplier and distributor of various foodstuffs in kingdom of Bahrain. Business activities include importing and distributing of Nuts and Seeds, Rice, Spices, Edible Oil, Ghee, Chips, Candies and Juices. Primarily supplies include wholesale and retail markets, Groceries, supermarkets and restaurants.

P.O. Box : 434, Manama, 
Kingdom of Bahrain

FMCG distributors in Bahrain. Importer & distributor of various FMCG products such as Almonds, Canned Foods, Chocolates & Confectionaries, Dressings, Edible Oils, Evaporated Milk, Fruit Juices, Jams, Mayonnaise, Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverages, Nuts, Pasta, Pickles, Rice, Snacks, Spices and more.

P.O.Box : 302
Mina Salman
Kingdom of Bahrain

Foodservice supplier in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Building No.144, Road 358, Block 321, Gudabiya Avenue
P. O. Box 1062,
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Food suppliers in Bahrain. Distributor and wholesaler of leading multi-national food brands in Bahrain.

Avenue 9, Maqabah

Food distributors in Bahrain. Importers and distributors of food ingredients in the pastry and bakery industry.

(Division of Ali-Rashid Al-Amin Co.)
Shop No. 20
Central Market Road
Block 314
Manama Central Market
Kingdom of Bahrain

Fruits and vegetables importer and supplier in Bahrain. Import fruits and vegetables from Europe, United States of America, Australia, Asia, Middle East, Far East and South Africa where it is distributed in local Bahraini markets. Also repack fruits and vegetables in smaller packs for retail sale.

(Food Packaging Unit of Ali-Rashid Al-Amin Co.)
Building No. 733
Road No. 113
Block No. 601
Sitra Industrial Area
Kingdom of Bahrain

Food suppliers in Bahrain. Imports food materials such as pulses, sugar, rice, spices, grains, nuts, dry fruits and others in bulk and re-pack for sale to retailers, hotels and other customers in Bahrain.

(100% subsidiary of Trafco)
P.O Box: 20202
Manama - Kingdom of Bahrain

Food importers in Bahrain.Import and distribution of fresh fruits & vegetables, dry food and other food items.

Al Aujan Group
AlAujan House, 6th Floor، Government Street Manama
P.O. Box 904, Manama, 
Kingdom of Bahrain 

Food Distribution company representing global/regional powerhouse brands.

Building 977, Road 417, Salmabad 704, 
Kingdom of Bahrain

Dry food supplier, importer and exporter in Bahrain. Product ranges from various kinds of rice’s, pulses, spices and nuts and other foodstuffs. Also innovative food products such as specialty food, health and well-being. Importing from different countries around the globe, including Africa, Europe, USA, China and other Asian countries, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and UAE. Export all over GCC countries.

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