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List of Asian Food Wholesale Distributors in Canada

List of Asian Food / Grocery Wholesale Distributors & Importers in Canada - Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver, BC, Montreal, Quebec. The list includes Japanese food, Chinese food, Filipino food, Thai food and other Asian food importers and distributors in Canada.

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary

Wholesale Asian Food Distributors in Canada. Importer, wholesaler and distributor of Asian food products in North America.

Vaughan, Canada

Wholesale Asian Food Distributors in Canada. Importer, Wholesalers, Distributors of Ethnic Food in Canada.

Coquitlam BC V3K 6Z6

Canadian owned and operated Asian food importer and wholesalers in Canada. 

Delta, BC

Asian grocery wholesale distributor in North America.

Scarborough, ON

Asian food importers and wholesale distributors in Canada with head office located in Toronto importing from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. The company's customers include food manufacturers, food service, food distributors, and retail stores.

Richmond, BC
Richmond Hill, ON

Asian food products distributor supplying to chain stores, ethnic supermarkets, food services, corner and convenience store, online retailers and more in Canada.


Japanese food wholesale distributor. Importer and Distributor of quality Japanese Food & Beverage products in Canada. 

Markham, Ontario

Filipino food distributor in Canada. Importer, distributor and wholesaler of Filipino and Asian Food in Canada.

Markham, ON

Chinese Food Distributors in Canada. Importer and distributor of Asian foods in Canada. The company mainly services Thai, Laotian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Hong Kong Chinese, Taiwanese Chinese, Mainland Chinese communities in Canada.


Ethnic food wholesaler and distributor in the United States and Canada serving high quality dairy and ethnic food products to Asian, West Indian and Hispanic communities. The company supplies to grocers, supermarkets, restaurants, and bakeries.

Canada Locations: 
Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON

Asian food products importer and distributor in the United States and Canada, importing from Korea, China, and South-East Asia, supplying to supermarkets, stores, and restaurants.

Eastern Division: Ontario 
Western Division: NW Edmonton

Importer, wholesaler, and distributor of Filipino and Asian food products in Canada catering to Ethnic/Asian Supermarkets, Filipino Stores, Restaurants & Catering, Fast-Food Chains, and Convenience stores. The company imports food products from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Markham, ON L3R 3L3, 

Importers and distributors of Filipino and other Asian ethnic food products in Canada. The company also imports and distributes food products from New Zealand.

Scarborough, ON M1H 2V5 

Importers and Distributors of various ethnic food products from South Asian Countries mainly from India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Malaysia supplying to independent retail stores, chain stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, mainstream retail channels and more in Canada.

Edmonton AB
Calgary, AB

Asian food products distributors serving restaurants and cafes, hotels, grocery markets and supermarkets, bakeries and more in Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

Montreal, QC

Asian food products distributor and wholesaler to supermarket chains, restaurants, institutions and more in Quebec, Canada. The company has three supermarkets in the greater Montreal area.

Richmond BC V6V 3A7

Asian food distributors in Canada.

Richmond, BC 

Manufacturer and supplier of Asian food products in Canada.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Asian food wholesale distributors. Chinese food distributors. Importer, Distributor and Wholesaler of food products from all over Asia importing products from Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Laos, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand and also from United States.

Eastern Division:
Toronto, ON, M1B 1T1
Western Division:
BC, V6V 3C8

Filipino and Asian Foods Importer, Distributor, Supplier and Wholesaler in Canada. 
The company serves in Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Montreal, St. John's, Fredericton, Halifax, the Yukon, or any point in between. The company holds distribution rights to the top food brands from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, Taiwan, and more.

Toronto Branch
1025 Kamato Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 0C1

Japanese and Asian food products wholesaler and distributor in Canada. The company has branches in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary.

Mississauga, ON. L4W1R8

Wholesale Asian Food Distributors in Canada. Wholesale Food Products Importer & Distributor based in Toronto,Ontario. Product range includes  Middle eastern, Persian, South Asian.

British Columbia Division
Burnaby BC Canada V5J 0E7
Ontario Division
Toronto Ontario Canada M1S 4A4

Asian grocery wholesale distributor in Canada. Grocery wholesale business distributing Asian food products in Canada. The company sources its products from the Pacific Rim and other regions of the world.

160 Pennsylvania Ave #6
Concord, ON L4K 4A9, Canada

Sri Lankan and Asian groceries importer, wholesaler and distributer in Canada distributing quality food items from around the world including Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and China.

Vancouver. BC. 
Canada V5X 4M2

Asian food distributor and wholesaler in Canada.

Burnaby, BC V5J 0E5

Filipino and Asian food importer and distributor to Canadian grocery stores and customers with facilities in both Vancouver and Toronto.

2446 Cawthra Rd, Mississauga, 
ON L5A 3K6, Canada

Importers and wholesalers of dry foods from various countries around the world, such as Australia, Peru, Guatemala, India, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam and the United States.

420 Nugget Avenue, Toronto, 
Ontario M1S 4A4, Canada

Indian grocery wholesale distributors in Canada. Importers and distributors of East & West Indian Food and Spices in Canada. Product range includes Basmati Rice, Pulses, Spices, Canned products, pickles, chutneys, pastes and more.

6070 Tomken Road
Mississauga, ON L5T 1X8

Indian grocery wholesale distributors. Canadian Food Importer/ Wholesaler/ Distributor specializing in East & West Indian foods, spices and frozen exotic & generic vegetables.

Burnaby, BC Canada
V5E 1C3

Japanese food distributor. Family-owned and operated wholesaler and distributor specializing in Japanese food products serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Richmond British Columbia V6V 3C9

Asian foods and groceries importers and wholesalers in Canada distributing to local chained supermarkets and restaurants, covering from metro Vancouver to Calgary and Edmonton.

Richmond, B.C.
Canada V6V 2X4

Vancouver-based Asian food importing and wholesaling company. The products are imported from many Asian countries, such as Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Burma, and Singapore. 

Delta BC V3M 5R5

Canadian Filipino food distributor. Food importer, marketer and distributor specializing in Filipino and Asian food for the grocery market importing from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and many other Asian countries.

Markham, ON 

Canadian food distribution for Asian dry foods. Asian food importer.

Toronto, ON M1X 1A5,

Asian Food Distributor and Wholesaler in Canada importing from Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Thailand.

SoamBD Trading Ltd.
Metropolitan Vancouver Area
Phone: 778-751-2928

Asian Food Importer and Distributor in Canada specializing in wholesaling of Bangladesi, Indian, Iranian foods, spices and frozen exotic & generic vegetables.

Head Office
Surrey, BC V3W 4H7

Western Canada's grocery chain. The company provides local and imported quality fresh fruits & vegetables and spices with 18 locations in BC and Alberta mainly serving the South Asian community. The company sources the best products locally and from around the world including India.

5470 76 Ave SE 
Calgary, AB T2C 4S3

The company is a grower, packer and shipper supplying high-quality Asian, organic and conventional produce from established farms. The company operates conventional and organic certified packing facilities in Calgary, Saskatoon and Vancouver which deliver fresh produce to wholesalers and retailers throughout Western Canada and beyond.

North Fraser Way 
Burnaby, British Columbia V5J 0C7 

Canadian Importer and marketer of popular international foods, beverages, and personal care products from across the globe.

7717 Beedie Way Unit 101, Delta, 
BC V4G 0A5, Canada

Asian grocery wholesale distributor in Canada. Importer for Indian, Pakistani and Southeast Asian foods. Distributor in Western Canada.

Mississauga, L4V 1L8, Ontario,

Wholesale distributor of ethnic food products supplying to mom and pop stores, big retailers, and restaurants of South-Asian community in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador.

St. Laurent, QC

Wholesale distributors in Montreal of Asian Indian foods and other assorted products servicing restaurants and grocery stores.

Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 6N3

Food distributor in Canada supplying to local restaurants including Japanese and Korean restaurants and grocery retailers. Importer of Western and Korean food.

Richmond, BC. Canada, 
V6V 1P3 

Asian grocery market in East Vancouver.

Ontario, N1H 2Z3

Importer, distributor and wholesaler of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian, African, Mexican, Nepalese and Bhutanese food products in Canada.