"" FoodCoDirectory: List of Food Importers & Distributors in New Zealand

List of Food Importers & Distributors in New Zealand

List of Food Importers Distributors Wholesalers in New Zealand.

(Kashish Food)
Airport Oaks, Auckland-2022
New Zealand

Food Importers and Suppliers in Auckland, New Zealand. The company imports from USA, Myanmar, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Dubai, Africa and India.

Onehunga 1061,
New Zealand

Food Importers and Suppliers in New Zealand. Importer of quality food products to both the retail and food service channels in New Zealand.

Manukau 2022
New Zealand

FMCG distributors in New Zealand. Importers & Distributors of well known brands and quality FMCG products in New Zealand.

Auckland 0610

Specialty food company in New Zealand. Importers of Fine Foods.

Auckland 1024
New Zealand

European food distributors in New Zealand. Importers of fine foods primarily from Italy, Spain and France sourcing mostly from small suppliers (family run).

Head Office
Mt Wellington, Auckland 1060
New Zealand

Food and beverage import and distribution company based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Glendene, Auckland 0645,
New Zealand

Importer, distributor & wholesaler of high-quality chocolates, confectionery and snack foods in New Zealand supplying to retail chains in New Zealand and to wholesalers in the Australian and Pacific countries (Fiji, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Tonga and Samoa).

Cash n Carry Store: 
Auckland, 1010
Distribution Centre:
Otahuhu, Auckland 1062

Asian food importer and distributor supplying to Asian supermarkets and restaurants in New Zealand. Asian Grocery Store.

Auckland 1021, NZ

European food importers into New Zealand, in particular, Mediterranean foods. Also importing foods from Australia, China and South America.

7440 Canterbury
New Zealand

Food importer and distributor in New Zealand souricng products from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and throughout the Mediterranean.

Office & Warehouse:
Auckland 0632
New Zealand

Food importer and distributor in New Zealand. FMCG brokerage company.

Head Office
Mt Wellington,Auckland,
New Zealand

Japanese and foods Importer, Distributor and Retailer in New Zealand. The company also import products from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and U.S.A.

38 Fitzherbert Street
Petone, Wellington
New Zealand

Importers of South African food products in New Zealand.

Rosedale, Auckland,
New Zealand 0632 

Importers, Exporters And Distributors of British Grocery products in New Zealand importing products from UK and Ireland and  supplying to supermarkets, convenience and specialty stores.

Tahi Pacific (NZ) Ltd
586 Oruarangi Road
Mangere, Auckland 2022
PO Box 58-423
Botany, Manukau 2163
New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 273 6046

Food and FMCG products importer and distributor. Importer and exporter of groceries, beverages and general merchandise throughout the Pacific serving major supermarkets, Resorts and Hotels, as well as restaurants, small stores, pharmacies and gas stations and also servicing the Institutional Sector and local Government Departments.

Tai Ping Limited
Head Office Warehouse
11 Industry Road, 
Penrose, Auckland 1061
New Zealand
Phone:  +64 9 526 4875 

Asian Food products importer-wholesaler and distributor in New Zealand supplying restaurants, hotels, airlines and other food industries throughout New Zealand. The company imports its products from China, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Netherlands, Vietnam and many more countries.

New Zealand
Phone: +64 210 229 4231

Family owned importer of fine foods in New Zealand importing from Canada, South Africa and Australia.

FSL Foods Ltd
Nelson 7011 
New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 538 0771

Frozen fruit importer in New Zealand supplying to national supermarket chains and the foodservice industry. Food distributor based in Nelson, New Zealand specializing in frozen fruits and vegetables, sauces and juices.

Level 4, 136 Broadway, 
Newmarket, Auckland
PO Box 109265, Newmarket, 
Auckland 1149, New Zealand
Ph +64 9 529 2850  
Fax +64 9 529 2849

Importers of international food brands in New Zealand. FMCG distributor.

Amalgamated Foods Ltd
75 Waterloo Road
P.O.Box 11-057
Ph: +64 3 349 2525
Fax: +64 3 349 2113

Privately owned wholesale food distributor supplying in all areas of the South Island distributing from its Dunedin and Christchurch warehouses.

Service Foods Ltd.
Auckland - Imports
25 Aerovista Place, Wiri, Auckland
PO Box: 53050, Auckland Airport, Mangere
New Zealand
Phone +64 (09) 258 5010
Fax   +64 (09) 276 3129  

Food importer in New Zealand importing products from over 20 countries. Family owned and operated wholesale food service distribution company supplying imported and locally produced products.

KCH Limited
43A Lady Ruby Drive,
East Tamaki, Auckland
Phone: 09-2723519

Asian food importer in New Zealand with major focus on Taiwanese food products. 

Mediterranean Foods Wholesale
30 Landfill Road, Wellington
Phone: 04 939 8100
125B Pavilion Drive, Auckland 
Phone: 09 283 0321
New Zealand

Importer and distributor of specialty Mediterranean food products in New Zealand supplying to cafés, restaurants, shops, large food manufacturers and hotels.

Vetro Mediterranean Foods
New Zealand

Mediterranean food importer. Retailers & Wholesalers of quality ingredients sourced from the Mediterranean and Europe with stores throughout the North Island in New Zealand.

Unibrand Ltd
Unit B, 3 Civil Place
Auckland 0632
New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 930 6640

Importer and wholesale distributor of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food products in New Zealand, stocking retailers throughout the country.

French Fine Foods NZ Limited
PO Box 83 ​​
Red Beach 0945, Auckland 
New Zealand
​Ph 021 173 8329

French food importer in New Zealand.

Le Gastronome
51A Riverlea Rd, 
Hamilton, New Zealand
Phone: 07 856 8580

European food importer in New Zealand importing quality food from France & neighbouring European countries and supplying to restaurants, bakeries and cafes all across New Zealand.

Marsanta Foods
91 Carbine Road,
Mt Wellington, Auckland
New Zealand
Phone: (09) 573 0587  
Fax:   (09) 573 0292
Importers and distributors of natural food ingredients in New Zealand, selling primarily to manufacturers, repackers and food service businesses.

Davis Trading
91 Carbine Road, 
Mt Wellington, Auckland, 1060, 
New Zealand
Phone: (09) 574-2250

Food ingredient supply company in New Zealand.