"" FoodCoDirectory: List of Food & Beverage Ingredients Suppliers in Middle East

List of Food & Beverage Ingredients Suppliers in Middle East

List of Food Ingredients Suppliers including juice and beverage ingredients, bakery ingredients, confectionery ingredients, culinary ingredients, dairy ingredients suppliers in Middle East countries.

Head Office:
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Food and beverage ingredients supplier in the Middle East and Africa supplying Bakery Ingredients, Culinary Ingredients, Confectionery Ingredients, Dairy Ingredients, Juice & Beverage Ingredients and more.

P.O. Box 27173,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Food ingredients supplier in Dubai, UAE. Supplier of all types of Fruit Juice Concentrates and other Food Ingredients to the food processing industry.

23 Al RAS Road
Po Box: 16136, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Distributor of nutritious ingredients and agro food commodities like spices, sesame seeds, pulses, nuts and dry fruits, animal feed etc. 

PO Box: 5558
Dubai, UAE

Importers and distributors of FMCG & Bakery ingredients in the UAE. The company represent many global brands from Europe, USA, Middle East, Far East, North, South America and Australia on exclusive basis in U.A.E.

P.O. Box 3213, 

Suppliers of wide variety of imported high-quality bakery ingredients in UAE.

Dubai, UAE

The company is into importing premium products including Dairy, Cheese, Bakery & Pastry ingredients, Bakery & Pastry finished products, Italian Food, Asian Food, Lebanese Food and more.

Dubai - U.A.E

Food Suppliers in UAE. Supplier to the Hospitality, Catering and Bakery trade channels in the UAE and Oman. The company represents International Dairy, Bakery Ingredients and Confectionery brands.

Food Ingredients Division

Supplier of Fine and Bulk Food Ingredients to the food processing industry in the GCC with warehouses in UAE and Dammam (KSA). Baking Ingredients Supplier.

Dubai Investment Park
Dubai, UAE

Suppliers of milk and related products. Wholesale bakery ingredients suppliers in UAE. 

United Arab Emirates

Dairy product’s manufacturer & supplier in the region. Supplier of ingredients to beverage, bakery, confectionery and dairy industry.

Dubai, UAE

Food trading and import company in the UAE. The company is into Grain trading, food ingredients, Oilseed Processing & Trading, animal nutrition and more. 

Dubai - U.A.E.

Pastry & Bakery Products Supplier & Distributor in UAE.

P.O.Box 28411, Riyadh 11437,
Saudi Arabia

The company represents world leaders in the manufacture and supply of ingredients for use within the bakery confectionery, diary and snack food industries. 

United Arab Emirates

Japanese and Thai food products supplier in the UAE. Bakery Mixes & Ingredients supplier in the UAE.


Food trading company specialized in providing a complete selection of food products globally. Food Ingredients Suppliers.

Al Hamriyah Free Zone, 
Sharjah, UAE

Food products and food ingredients supplier in the UAE.

P.O. Box - 2473,
Al Khobar - 31952,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Pan Gulf Bakery Ingredients Division - Importer of white cheese in the Kingdom to supplying Tutti Fruity, the division has it all. Products include Akawi, Feta and Mozarella Cheese, Cocoa Butter and Powder, Cashews, Almonds, Milk Powders, Chocolate chips and blocks and more.

Avenue 9, Maqabah

Importers and distributors of food ingredients in the pastry and bakery industry.

Alexandria 21519, Egypt

Importer and suppliers of raw materials, additives and ingredients to the Egyptian food industry.

Riyadh 11371, KSA

Food ingredients distributor in the Middle East having the main office in Riyadh with offices & warehouses in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam supplying Dairy ingredients, Beverage ingredients, Bakery & Confectionery ingredients and more.

Riyadh 11593 
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Food ingredients distributor throughout the Gulf region.

Dammam - 31972 
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Bakery ingredients suppliers in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Gulf region.

Al Khobar, Riyadh, Jeddah
Saudi Arabia

Distributor for Bakery Ingredients and related products in the region.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Bread and pastry ingredients suppliers throughout KSA.

Merag city, Behind Carrefour Maadi

Pastry and bakery ingredients suppliers in Egypt and the Middle east.

Jeddah 21478,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Specialty food ingredient distributor that supplies quality ingredients to the food industry.

Al Ras Market, 
Deira, Dubai, UAE

Food ingredients supplier in the U.A.E.

Jebel Ali Industrial Area 1, 
Dubai, UAE

Food ingredients distributor in Dubai, UAE. Bakery Ingredients supplier to food manufacturers, baking specialists and wholefood producers.

(Dubai Branch)
TECHNOPARK - Mina Jebel Ali
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Importers and suppliers of bakery ingredients.

United Arab Emirates

Bakery ingredients supplier for Dubai, UAE, GCC and Jordan sourcing from Austrian, German and American companies.  

Firex Road, 
Sharjah, UAE

Bakery and Confectionery ingredients supplier in UAE. Supplier of ingredients for Bakery, Catering, Confectionary and Food Service in UAE and whole of GCC countries.

AMCFZ, Ajman
United Arab Emirates

Food Ingredients and Raw Materials Supplier in Dubai. Supplier of Bakery & Confectionery, Dairy and Beverage ingredients in UAE.

Jebel Ali South Freezone, 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Food ingredients supplier in UAE supplying Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy and Beverage ingredients.

Burlington Tower, Business Bay
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Food & Beverage Ingredients Supplier in UAE and Middle East.

The Oberoi Center,
Dubai, UAE

Ingredients supplier for the food & beverage industries in UAE and Middle East.

Al Jazeera Al Hamra
RAKEZ Business Zone-FZ 

Food Ingredients Supplier in the UAE.

Headquarters - Lebanon

Food Ingredients Supplier in the Middle East.

United Arab Emirates
Baking and Confectionery Ingredients Supplier in the Middle East.

P O Box. 231638, 
Dubai, UAE

B2B distribution in the UAE for wide-range of food products with focus on milk powder, juice concentrates and pulps, duram semolina and other dairy ingredients. FMCG distribution company.

Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, UAE

Trading and distribution of Food ingredients catering to customers throughout the UAE and Middle East.

Jebel Ali Free Zone 

Specialized in supplying of high quality ingredients for food, beverage and more industries.

Riyadh 14322, 
Saudi Arabia

Supplying the Saudi market with the raw materials specializing in bread, pastry, and ice-cream industries with branches in Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh and more.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Alexandria, Egypt
Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
Safat, Kuwait

Distributor of high-grade specialty food ingredients in the Middle East and Africa region supplying to juices & dairy, bakery, confectionery and snacks and more industries.

Jeddah - 23335, 
Western Province, Saudi Arabia

Suppliers of products such as Food Color, Juice Concentrate, Mango Puree, Whipping Agent, Paprika Anntto Food Color, Red Kidney beans and more.

Buhairah Corniche
Sharjah 30681

Food ingredients supplier in the GCC region. Dairy and bakery ingredients suppliers. 

Head Office - Doha, Qatar
U.A.E. Office - Dubai

Distributor of food, non-food stuff and bakery raw-materials from all over the world serving luxurious hotels, major firms, government branches and malls with operations in Doha, Qatar and U.A.E.

Hamriyah Free Zone 
Sharjah, UAE

Distributors of FMCG & Bakery ingredients in the UAE and other countries like KSA, Oman, Hongkong and Maldives.

Ras Al Khor -1,PB #296355
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Importers and distributors of international brands in foodservice specialized in catering needs of HORECA sector, like Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bakeries and Ship Chandler throughout UAE and Oman supplying dairy products,dairy/non dairy whipping creams ,UHT milk portion ,pasta ,marimbula syrups ,ice cream powders etc.
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