"" FoodCoDirectory: List of Saudi Arabian Food Importers Distributors Wholesalers

List of Saudi Arabian Food Importers Distributors Wholesalers

List of Saudi Food Importers and Wholesalers, food distribution company in Saudi Arabia. The list also includes Horeca Suppliers / FMCG distributors in Saudi Arabia.

House Of Caterer Trading Company
Malaz District, Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Food Importer and distributor in Saudi Arabia. The company is the exclusive distributor for many international brands from all over the world including USA, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Mexico and more.

King Fahd Road
Mansur Ibn Yunus Street
Office: 6th Floor

Food and beverage company in Saudi Arabia. Importer and distributor of food and beverages products. Supplying to supermarkets, HORECA, wholesalers and retailers.

Riyadh 11371, KSA

Food ingredients distributor in Saudi Arabia supplying Dairy ingredients, Beverage ingredients, Bakery & Confectionery ingredients and more with offices & warehouses in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam.

King Fahd Road,
Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Food distribution company in Jeddah. Importer, distributor and supplier of a diverse collection of consumer goods and foodstuffs. Product range includes Rice, Spices, canned foods, pasta etc.

8725 Hasan Yahia St, Al Aziziyah Dist.
Jeddah 23334-3208 - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Food distribution companies in Saudi Arabia. Distributing leading brands of confectionery, chocolate, biscuits and food products. Importers and distributors for many brands in Saudi Arabia.
Food distribution company in Saudi Arabia. Importer and distributor of snack food and drinks products in KSA and other GCC states.

P.O.Box 28411, Riyadh 11437,
Saudi Arabia

Food importer and distributor in Saudi Arabia. Food imports from different countries with special ties with food producers in the Philippines, Korea, India, and Thailand. The company also represents world leaders in the manufacture and supply of ingredients for use within the bakery confectionery, diary and snack food industries.

Sondus Building, 1st Floor
Hail Street
419 Jeddah 21411

Food importer and distributor in Saudi Arabia. The company is in selling, marketing, and distributing of food products to restaurants, hotels, caterers, healthcare facilities, and lodging establishments. Imports and distributes superior quality food products from nearly every continent in the world, from North America and Europe to South America, Australia, and Asia.

(Division of A M Batterjee Group Ltd.)
P.O.Box: 15480, Jeddah 21444
Saudia Arabia
FMCG distributors in Saudi Arabia. Importers of FMCG products. The company provides a wide range of imported fast moving consumable goods and is a main distributor for internationally renowned and reputable companies. The company also manufactures Saudi Sugar and provides customized labeling.

P.O Box 1335, Dammam 31431
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Food distribution companies in Saudi Arabia. Importing and trading Food Stuffs all around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and also Bahrain.

Siteen Street, Al Malaz
Riyadh – 11472
PO Box 180, Jeddah 21511

Food & Beverages company in Saudi Arabia. The company offers the highest quality of food and beverage products across the Middle East.

Sitaf Building
Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz street
10059 Riyadh
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Italian and Japanese food products distributor and importer in Saudi Arabia.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Western Region - 
Jeddah Dallah Street - 
Dallah tower 
Jeddah 21411

Food and beverage company in Saudi Arabia. Producer, importer and distributor of food, beverages and confectionery products in Saudi Arabia.

Aa'lam Al-Islam St. ( 26 )
Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz St. (Tahlia St. )
Al-Andalus District / 1
Jeddah 21411, Saudi Arabia

FMCG distributor in Jeddah. Importer and distributor of household Fast Moving Consumer Goods products.

Head Office:
Abdul Maqsud Khojah, Ar Rawdah, 
Jeddah 23435, Saudi Arabia

FMCG distribution company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

P.O box 16645 zip code 21474 
Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Food distribution company in Jeddah. Provision of quality food products including the processing and distribution of edible oils, frozen vegetables and fruits, in addition to breaded products. The company imports Yellow Corn (YC) and Soya Bean Meal (SBM) for animal feed. Also deal in  barley, wheat, sorghum and faba beans. Imports and distributes Rice also.

Food center building, 4th floor , 
P.O box.3769 Jeddah

Import and export of foodstuffs, Spices Dealer

P.O.Box 31116, King Fahad Road, 
Opposite of Council of Saudi Chambers, 
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

FMCG distributors in Saudi Arabia. Manufacturer, Distributor, and Retailer of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in the MENA Region.

P.O. Box 54,
Jeddah 21411, Saudi Arabia

Food and beverage distribution company in Saudi Arabia. Distributors of food and drink products (FMCG) in Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

Al Khalidiyah Ash Shamaliyah, 
Dammam 32232, Saudi Arabia

Rice importer and distributor in Saudi Arabia. Distributor and marketer of rice and other quality food products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Souring from biggest rice millers in the world, in particular, those in India and Pakistan. Also into distribution of sugar.

P.O. Box 42787 Riyadh 11551, 
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Food distribution company in Riyadh. Manufacturing and distribution of drinks, nectars, juices, milk and milk products and other food products.

Frimex Plaza, Ibrahim Al Juffali St. Al Andalus District
Off Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz St. (Tahlia)
Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Food distribution and marketing company of both Branded and Commodity products in Saudi Arabia. Importer & distributor of branded American rice, Basmati rice from India & Pakistan as well as camolino rice from Egypt. Exclusively distribute some of the international leading brands. Product range also includes Pulses, Canned Olives, Olive Oil etc.

Head Office – Al Khobar:
PO Box 64
Al Khobar 31952
Saudi Arabia

Food distribution company. Import and distribution of branded food products in the Saudi market.

P.O. Box 112,
Dammam 31411,
Saudi Arabia

Food suppliers in Dammam. The company represents some world renowned food brands.

Qandeel Street Jeddah 21411, 
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Food distributors. Distributors of top notch and reliable food brands in Saudi Arabia.

P.O.Box 11652, Jeddah 21463
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Food importers in Jeddah. Saudi Arabian importer of spices, herbs and coffee from around the world.

Corporate Office :
Post Box: 6808-3039
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Foodstuffs distributor serving within the Saudi Arabian and GCC markets. Products include Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, French fries, Edible Oil, Branded Dry foodstuffs and more. The company has branches in Jeddah, Dammam and Hufuf.

P.O. BOX 24294
Jeddah 21446
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Spices company. Producer of spices and seasoning products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

P.O.Box: 19301 Jeddah 21435 
Saudi Arabia

Food importers and distributors in Jeddah. The company activities are focused on wholesale trade in nuts, spices, pulses, coffee, cardamom, dried fruit, tahini and halva. Headquartered in Jeddah, the company has branches in Riyadh, Dammam, Qassim, Tabuk, Medina, Khamis and Mushait.

P.O. Box 593
Riyadh 11421
Saudi Arabia

Food and confectionery distributors. Importers and distributors of consumer products representing major international principals. The company markets hundreds of branded product lines and numerous category leaders, including food products and confectionery. The company serves all main regions of the Kingdom from its branches in Al-Khobar, Riyadh, Jeddah and Abha.

P.O.Box 5184, Dammam 31422, 
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Food products importers and distributors across Saudi Arabia. The company provides high quality frozen and dried items as well as fresh produce of global brands. The company's main office is located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and its fully operated branches are located in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Head Office:
Abo Obidah ben Al-Jarrah Street,
Near DHL W/House Exit-16, 
Riyadh, Saudia Arabia

Food Products importers from around the world. Products include Dry food, Dried fruits, Tea & Coffee, Dairy Products and more.

Rehab, Jeddah, KSA

Importers and distributors of Frozen and Dry Food products. Frozen products include frozen fruits and vegetables. The company imports mainly from South America, Europe, Australia & Asian countries.

P.O. Box - 2473,
Al Khobar - 31952,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

FMCG distributors in Saudi Arabia. Food and FMCG Products Importers.
Pan Gulf Bakery Ingredients Division - Importer of white cheese in the Kingdom to supplying Tutti Fruity, the division has it all. Products include Akawi, Feta and Mozarella Cheese, Cocoa Butter and Powder, Cashews, Almonds, Milk Powders, Chocolate chips and blocks and more.

Abdullah Ad Durami,
Riyadh 14714, Saudi Arabia

Rice importers. Importer of quality rice from India and Pakistan in Saudi Arabia.

PO 295121, 
Riyadh 11351 
Saudi Arabia

Organic foods distributor and retailer in Saudi Arabia. The company sources its products from many countries including France, Italy, Peru, Germany, Spain, India, USA and Austria.

(Japanese Food Store)
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Japanese and Asian Food products importer and wholesaler in Saudi Arabia.

PO Box - 8103, 
11482 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Food distribution company in Saudi Arabia. The company is into food products manufacturing and distribution business.

Zip Code 11427, Riyadh, KSA
P.O. Box: 27901

Horeca distributors in Riyadh. Suppliers of High quality food to Horeca, Hotels, Pastry & Bakery, Catering, Coffee Shops, Juice bars and more. The company has offices in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam.

Gulf Catering Company
King Fahad Branch Road Ibdaa Tower،
Riyadh 12313

Horeca Supplier. Food supply and Catering Services in the Kingdom.

Al Rashed Food Company Ltd
P.O. Box 312, Riyadh,
11383 Saudi Arabia

Bakery products suppliers in Riyadh. Suppliers of the highest quality bakery products to supermarkets and other retail outlets throughout Saudi Arabia, UAE and beyond.

Shahini Group
10th Floor, Tamlik Tower, Al-Baghdadiyah

Food distributors. Distributor of global food brands in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Catering & Contracting Co.
PO Box: 258, 
Alkhobar – 31952

Horeca supplier. Business house in the Middle East for Catering Services.

Quality Food Company
P.O. Box 6372 
Jeddah 21442

Fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables importers and distributors in Saudi Arabia.

Sabeel Food
Riyadh, Opposite Al Othaim Mall,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Food and beverage company in Saudi Arabia. Suppliers of dates and its derivatives and various types of food products, tea, spices , sweets and nuts, and sells them in wholesale and retail.

Mujaly A. Bamujally United Co.
Head Office:
P.O.Box : 112 - Jeddah 21411
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Food and beverage company in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Company in the field of food products. Products include Dairy products, Rice, Tea, Canned products, Olives and more.

FastFood Marketers
Unit No:6, Northeren Ringroad,
Riyadh - 12391 - 8594

Food suppliers and distributors in the region Saudi Arabia. Products include Canned food, sauces, potato products, baked goods, dairy products and more.

Jeddah – Tahliah ST. – Alandalus district

The company is engaged in the trade and distribution of consumer goods covering all areas and outlets around Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Atlas International Services
Head Office:
671 , Riyadh 11421

Food and beverage company in Saudi Arabia. The company specializes in the distribution and logistics of a wide range of baby food, to dietetic products and supplements, liquid, Healthcare Food and Drink Products.

Arcoma Arabia Commercial Agency Co. Ltd. Food Division
Head Office
P.O. Box 811,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Jeddah 21421

Food and beverage company in Saudi Arabia. Importers and suppliers of high quality of food and consumer products. Product line includes basmati rice, sugar, flour, milk powder and more. The company has regional offices in Riyadh, Dammam, Khamis, Madina & Tabuk to deliver at the doorsteps of the retailers and wholesalers.

FAZCO Trading Company Limited
Riyadh Branch:
Exit 21, Al Aziziyah, Al Hair Rd,
Riyadh 14512, Saudi Arabia

Rice and food wholesaler in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Al Faris Al Arabi Trading Company
Al-Faris Food Industries Limited Building,
Street 3885
Riyadh Industrial Area 2, 16864
Riyadh, 11474  Saudi Arabia

FMCG distributors in Saudi Arabia. Food distribution network company based in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

M/s. Yousef Ahmed Al-Gosaibi & Partners Company Ltd.
(Food Division)
Head office (Al-Khobar)
P.O. Box 31316, Al-Khobar 31952

Food Distribution Company. Exclusive distributor in the Kingdom for several well known brands and premium products supplied from Europe and around the world.

Anaam International Holding Company Group
Al-Mahjar St.,
Jeddah, KSA

Food suppliers in Jeddah. The company is into imports of frozen and dry food products and distribution throughout Saudi Arabia.

Al-Sawani For Trading Services Co.
Head Office:
PO Box 52826 Riyadh 11573 KSA.

Food suppliers in Riyadh. Food supply marketing, distributing and support company, within the Middle East area.

Wafrah for Industry & Development
Head Office:
P.O Box 131 Riyadh 11383

Food suppliers in Riyadh. Producer and suppliers of wide variety of high quality food products in Saudi Arabia.

Astra Grains
Al Wadi, Jeddah 22518,
Saudi Arabia

Food and beverage company in Saudi Arabia. Retail and wholesale business of grocery items. The company primarily is into the general trading of food commodities, such as nuts, pulses, spices, edible oils, coffee, rice and more.

Al Tawafuq Al Shamel Est.
King Abdulaziz street
Jeddah 21484
Saudi Arabia

Food Products Supplier in Jeddah. The company deals in coffee, sugar, molasses, species, pulses and tea.

Abbar Trading Company
(Dar Al Abbar Group)

2587 King Fahad Road Al-Hindawiyah Unit no.:16
22321 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

FMCG Distributor in Saudi Arabia. The company is in the business of importation, warehousing, and distribution of fast moving consumer goods in Saudi Arabia.

Alyasra Foods
Khalid Bin Walid Road,
Ar Rawdah, Riyadh 13211
Al Madinah Road , Faisaliah District,Jeddah, KSA

Horeca distributors in Saudi Arabia. The company is into selling, marketing and distributing food products to hotels, restaurants, caterers and retail in GCC region.

Creative Hospitality Trading LLC (Bevarabia KSA)
Riyadh, KSA
ZIP Code 14937-5048

Food and beverage company in Saudi Arabia. Producer and distributor of coffee- and beverage-related products in the UAE and KSA. The company have a wide range of products and brands from all over the world.

Al Muhammadiyah Plaza, Medinah Road
Jeddah, KSA

Food import & distribution company based in Jeddah, KSA. The company import food products from Turkey, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Syria, Tunisia, Jordan, the UAE, and India. Product lines include olive oil, cheese, butter, margarine, ready soups, honey, whipped cream, powder milk, basmati rice, frozen pastries and different types of condiments and more.

Head Office
4th Floor, OPTC Building,
Tahlia Street, Jeddah

Food importer and distributor in Saudi Arabia.

Al Mahjar St., Al Mahjar Petromin, 
Jeddah 22412, Saudi Arabia

Food and beverage company in Saudi Arabia. FMCG importer in Jeddah. Specialist in import, supply and marketing of agri-commodities and FMCGs sourced from various countries across the World. The company has offices Jeddah (Headquarters), Madinah, Dammam and Khamis Mushait.

Bani Malek - Liwa Al Islam St.
21332 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Food and beverage company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Import, wholesale and retail trade in Grains, Flour, Corn, Millet, Beans, Foodstuffs, Margarine, Vegetable oil, Spices, Nuts, Cardamom, Coffee, Sweets and confectionery and more.

Saudi Goody Products Marketing Company
Unit #1, Ad Dawsari – Al Andalus
P.O. Box 3813 Jeddah 23326
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Food and beverages distribution company in Saudi Arabia.

Nesma Trading Co. Ltd.
Al Khobar 31952 
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

HORECA distributors. Catering services company in Saudi Arabia.

Tamimi Markets
Al Khobar, Al Rakka Al Janubiya, 
PO Box 6941, 
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Supermarket chains in Saudi Arabia. Importers of foods, produce and more products from across the globe. The company currently operates more than 20 supermarkets in Al Hasa, Al Khobar, Aqrabiyah, Dammam, Doha, Jeddah, Jubail and Riyadh.

Wafir International Group
P.O.Box 64986, Riyadh 11546, 
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Food and beverage company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company represents some of the International Companies specialized in Food Products and market food materials.

Ogaretco Foodstuff LLC
Al Kurnish Al Janubi Road
Jeddah - KSA

Food trading company in Saudi Arabia. Trading in dairy, dried figs, lentils, chickpeas, sunflower, nuts, dried fruits, cardamom, coffee, spices and other products around the world. Manufacturer and trader of olive oil.

Sunbulah Group
Jeddah – Head Office
P.O. Box: 8960,
Jeddah 21492,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

Food suppliers in Jeddah. Food manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia with presence across different food categories including frozen pastry & vegetables, premium cheese & natural honey, frozen fruits and more.

Madina Co. For Import & Trading
Riyadh - KSA
P.O. Box 324 Riyadh 11411

Food import and trading company in Saudi Arabia with suppliers from Europe, America and Arab Mediterranean countries.

Mohammed Saeed Mohammed Balbaid Trading Est.
P.O Box 20641
Riyadh, 11465 Saudi Arabia

Foodstuffs importer and wholesalers in Saudi Arabia.

Al Anud Cold Store
P.B.No: 6483 –Prince Naif Street
Dammam 32427, Saudi Arabia

FMCG distributors in Saudi Arabia. Wholesale, retail and online FMCG enterprise in Dammam of Saudi Arabia supplying local and international brands.

Neeraan International
Head Office
Al-Sharafeyah,Jeddah 21533,
Saudi Arabia

Food suppliers. Suppliers of Dry and Frozen Food Products in Saudi Arabia.

Middle East Oil Trading Co.
Ibn Saud, Dammam  - 32241 - 7444
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

HORECA distributor. Wholesale foodstuff dealer in Dammam. Specialized in food service business dealing with HORECA clients and as well retail food distribution in eastern region of Saudi Arabia.

Ahmad Yassin Al Shammri Trading Est.
P.O Box 6792, Riyadh 13226, 

FMCG products distributor based in Riyadh with branches in Jeddah, Taif and Dammam.

Economic Food - Warehouse
Al Khalidiyyah Al Janubiyyah, 
Dammam 32223, 
Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 13 828 7480

Wholesale grocer in Dammam

First International Food Co. Ltd.
95, Industrial, Dammam 32446, 
Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 13 822 7403

Food products supplier

Sharq Al Madeena Cold Store
Al Muhammadiyah, Dammam 32432, 
Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 55 915 3412

Foodstuff Wholesaler in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Thaha Trading Est, Wholesale Foodstuff
Prince Nayef Bin Abdulaziz Rd, 
Al Muhammadiyah, Dammam 32432
Saudi Arabia
+966 50 375 5856

Wholesale food store in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

K B Exports & Imports
Jeddah 23462
Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 58 144 8669

Fruits and vegetables wholesaler in Jeddah.

AATCO Foods Industries LLC
5th Floor,Jeddah 2nd Industrial City,
Street 41, PO Box: 5802
Jeddah, 21432  Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 665 4698

Suppliers of condiments and sauces.

Al-Izdihar District, Northern Ring St. Exit 7, 
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Food distributor & importer in Saudi Arabia.

Dammam 31441, P.O.Box 1676, 
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Food distribution company in Dammam. Food import, export, manufacturing, distribution and marketing.  Import products from the US, Spain, India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Srilanka, South Africa, Turkey, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Egypt and Yemen.

MultiFood Basis Trading Co
3380 Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz Branch Rd, 
Ar Rayyan, Riyadh 14213, 
Saudi Arabia
Phone: 055 379 4106

Food Wholesaler in Riyadh.

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Mawarid Food Company
Al Wizarat, Riyadh 12622, 
Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 11 477 8144

Food products suppliers in Riyadh.

International Distribution & Trading Co.
Al Khuzama, Riyadh 12572, 
Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 11 474 7440

FMCG distributor in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Noda Trading Company
7849 Al-Bondoq, Ar Rawabi, 2646, 
Riyadh 14215, 
Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 11 493 0304

Food Goods Wholesale & Retail, Supermarket in Riyadh.

NAS Trading EST Co.LLC
Al Anud, Dammam 32427, 
Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 13 817 9136

Wholesale grocer in Dammam

Riyadh , Exit 15 Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
18994 - Riyadh 11425
Tel: 00966556447722

Food company. The company is into making and packing of the best quality nuts, coffee, tea and dried fruits in various kinds.

Ahmad Abdulwahab Abed Trading Co. Ltd.
P. O. Box 9440
Riyadh, 11413  Saudi Arabia
Tel:+966 11 478 5292 (Ext:0)

Producer and suppliers of bread & pastry ingredients.

Mohammed Faisal Basohai Trading Est.
P. O. Box 104530 
Jeddah 21331

Sugar importer in Saudi Arabia. The company also deal in Rice, Oil, Pulses and legumes.

Najdia Marketing Company Ltd. 
Al Aqariah New Building,
Salah Al Din Al Ayoubi Street (Al Sittin) Al Malaz, Riyadh
P.O. Box 28519, Riyadh 11437
Phone+ 966-11-4788760
Fax: + 966-11-4790591

Manufacturer and marketer of dairy products and their derivatives in Saudi Arabia.

Safe Food Company
Head Office:
4154 Alarid, Jabal alturk,
Riyadh 13337, Saudi Arabia
Phone: 920021550

International Food Company. The company has offices in New York, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Specialty Food Products Company Ltd.
Al Olaya 8796, Unit 105
Riyadh 12611 – 3427
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel / Fax +966 11 2937237

Food and beverage company in Saudi Arabia. Coffee Wholesaler. Food distributor in Saudi Arabia.

Albawardi Grain Terminal
P.O. Box 112,
Dammam 31411,
Saudi Arabia
+966-3-833 33 33
+966-3-833 66 66

Importers, processors and suppliers of animal feed products including Barley and Corn.

Al Wefag Trading & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 
Amman Road, Behind Hail Street, 
Baghdadiyah Gharbiyah District 
P.O. Box 20772, Jeddah 21465, 
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

FMCG Confectionery distributor & manufacturers of food snacking products in Saudi Arabia.

Dammam 32213, 
Saudi Arabia

Rice importers in Saudi Arabia. Trading, importing, exporting and supplying a wide range of rices especially in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company has its branch offices at Jeddah, Riyadh and Khamis Mushayat.

Flavors Secret Est.
Al Mansourah, Riyadh 12694,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 11 2423438

Spices Wholesalers specialized in selling all kinds of spices.

The Headquarters Business Park
Jeddah 23511 – 7333, Saudi Arabia
Phone / Fax +966 12 288 2131

Importer and distributor of Organic products from around the world to supply throughout Saudi Arabia.

My Green Basket Trading Est.
Fakherya state, Alshoula 
Saudi Arabia
Phone: 00966504333188

Food trading company specialized in the field of foodstuffs, vegetables and fruits.

Nahla Al Wadi Trading Co L.L.C.
Wasel 2579, Al-Anud, Unit No. 1,
Dammam 32427 - 6848,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel:  +966 138175857

Food and beverages importer and wholesale traders in Dammam covering the entire Eastern Region.

P.O.Box 31986 
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

Rice importer in Saudi Arabia.

Abazeer Trading Company
Al-Mousadiah Center 
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 12 667 6157

Importer and distributor specialized in the organic foods industry.

Food Spices Grocery

An Nasim Ash Sharqi,
Riyadh 14242, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 50 522 4942

Spices wholesalers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Bafarat Industrial Group
Head Office & Manufacture : Jeddah
P.O. Box 19340, Jeddah 21435
Saudi Arabia
Tel. : + 966 2 6375212
Fax. : + 966 2 6375752

The company is specialized in food manufacturing and processing of Hot Sauce, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Salsa’s and Vinegar. The company also trade in Tomato Paste, Pickles and Grape leaves.

Khoulasat AlTayebat Food Stuff Factory
P. O. Box 7286, Jeddah 21462
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
tel +966 12 652 1638
fax +966 12 280 7559

Arabian Agricultural ServicesCo.(Arasco) 
P.O box 53845 zip code 11593 
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone:+966 11 261 2222
Fax:    +966 11 261 2111

Al Muhaidib Group
Head Office (Dammam)
PO Box 30, Dammam 31411
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: + 966 13 845 5555
Fax: + 966 13 845 5556

Abdullehah Ali Athawi
PO Box: 4221, Jeddah 21491
Tel. 00966-12-6440219/6424508
Fax: 00966-12-6479398

Abdulkarim Elkhreiji Group
PO Box: 276, Dammam 31411
Tel. 00966-13-8324441 / 8329080 /8342326
Fax: 00966-13-8349389

Abdullah A. Al Munajem Sons Co.
PO Box:2395, Riyadh 11451
Tel:  00966 11 4807755
Fax: 00966 11 4826711
Food import and distribution business.

Abdulrasheed Badrah Corp.
PO Box: 820, Jeddah -21421
Tel 00966-12-6430255
Fax: 00966-12-6442847

Ahmed Hasan Humaidi Trading Est.
PO Box: 4765,
Dammam 31412
Tel. 00966-13-8333507
Fax: 00966-13-8349140

Ahmed Mohamed Saleh Baeshen & Co.
PO Box: 18,
Jeddah -21411
Saudi Arabia
Tel. 00966-12-6351760
Fax: 00966-12-6537091

Saudi Premium Food Trading Co.
2380 Aktham Ibn Saifi St, 
Al Khalidiyah Ash Shamaliyah, 
7791، Dammam 32231, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 53 152 8850

FMCG goods wholesaler in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Arrow Food Distribution Company
Al Kawthar District, 7511,
Jeddah 23742, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 677 5082

Food & Beverages Distributor in Saudi Arabia. The company specializes in distributing leading Food & Beverages FMCG brands.

Al Nafea Foods
Jeddah 23511 Saudi Arabia

Food Importer and distributor in Saudi Arabia.

Al Amjaad Trading And Contracting Company
P.O.Box - 8707, Jeddah 21492
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 2 6655485
Fax: +966 2 6696288

Food Wholesalers in Saudi Arabia.

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FoodCoDirectory is a comprehensive and well maintained, directory with lists of wholesale food distributors supplying to restaurants, grocery stores, food service operators and more. The directory includes list of broadline and ethnic / specialty food distributors as well as produce distributors. The lists are constantly added as well as refined.