"" FoodCoDirectory: List of Food Importers in Mauritius, Maldives & Seychelles

List of Food Importers in Mauritius, Maldives & Seychelles

Food Importers Distributors Suppliers in Indian Ocean Island nations namely Mauritius, Maldives & Seychelles.


Super Hi Foods Ltd
Super Hi Complex,
Village Council Road,
Terre-Rouge, Mauritius

Food importers and distributors in Mauritius. Importer and Distributor of Rice and food stuffs.

ABC Foods (Chue Wing & Co. Ltd)
Trianon Avenue, Trianon, 

Food distributors / suppliers in Mauritius. Supplier of top quality products for hotels and restaurants.

La Marie Road, Vacoas

Food suppliers in Mauritius. Importer and distributor of food products specialized in the distribution of rice, pulses, canned food and spices in Mauritius.

Sungold Trading Ltd
Manguiers St, 
Port Louis

FMCG distributors in Mauritius. Importer and distributor of a wide range of FMCG products

Industrial Zone, Phoenix,

Food importer and distributor in Mauritius.

Il Moro Di Venezia Ltee
56,Industrial Zone Valentina,

Food distributors in Mauritius. Import and distribute food and food products in Mauritius.

Edendale Group
Anse Courtois, Les Pailles Port Louis,
11201 Republic of Mauritius

FMCG distributor. Distributor of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Mauritius.

IBL Complex No 2, 
Riche Terre Mauritius

FMCG distributor. Distributor of fast-moving consumer goods in Mauritius, Madagascar and Seychelles.

Yiptong House, Royal Road,
Bell Village 11202, Mauritius

Food Distributor in Mauritius.

1 – 10 Sainte Marie Road, 
21813 Riche Terre, Mauritius

FMCG distribution company. Distributor of consumer products in Mauritius, Madagascar and Seychelles.

Industrial Zone Park 1
Riche Terre,

FMCG distributors. Importers and distributors of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) in Mauritius

Solitude, Triolet,

Food importers and distributors in Mauritius. Importers and distributors of dry, chilled and frozen food products in Mauritius.

Lot 1, Inova Business Park,
Riche Terre, Mauritius

Imports, transforms and distributes healthy foodstuffs and ingredients.

Industrial Zone, St Antoine, 
Goodlands, Mauritius

Food importers in Mauritius. Importers and manufacturers of top-quality food products.


Lily F&B Suppliers, H. Coal Field, 2nd Floor,
Kalhuhuraa Magu, Male', Rep. of Maldives

Food importers and distributors in Maldives. Importer and distributor of high quality internationally prominent brands of food and beverage.

M. Alia Building, 5th Floor, Gandhakoalhi Magu, 
Male’, 20311, Maldives

Food suppliers in Maldives to the resort industry.

M. Anangaa 4th Floor, Fareedhee Magu
Male' City, Maldives

Food and beverage wholesalers in Maldives. wholesale and retail business based in the Maldives. Product range includes Spices, snacks, confectioneries, beverages etc. Imports from Pakistan, UAE, Thailand, Sri lanka, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey etc.

H. Haalhala Maage,
Lonu Ziyaaray Magu, K.Male 20052
Republic of Maldives.

Food Importer and distributor in Maldives and Seychelles. Product range includes dry foods (Cereals, Biscuits, Dry fruits, Canned foods, Grains to Pulses including sauces & seasoning oils), fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables (primarily from Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and China) etc.

Coralville C8-4D Hulhumale, Postal Code 23000, 
Republic of Maldives.

Food and beverage importers in Maldives. Focus on importing tourist resorts operational items such as food and beverages. Wholesale and retail trade of food and related products. Operating food & beverage outlets in the resorts.

M.Reef villa, Block 266, Muiveyo Magu,
20-266, Male’, Maldives.

Food distributors in Maldives. Distributor of internationally recognized brands of food and beverage products to an extensive network of wholesalers, retailers, resorts and hotels in the Maldives. Imports from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore,India, Indonesia and Thailand.

G.Manaam Building, 7th floor,
2/1 Neeloafaru magu, Male’ 20-129
Republic of Maldives

FMCG distributor in Maldives. Sourcing, marketing and distributing FMCG products to the retail & resort market. Product range includes beverages, confectioneries, basmati rice etc.

M. Newplot, Ameenee Magu, Male`, 
Rep. of Maldives.

Food and beverage company in Maldives. Premium food & beverage importer & distributor in the Maldives. Product range varies from Frozen Foods, Dairy products, Bakery goods, Dry Food, Juices, condiments etc.

Chandhanee Magu PO Box 2019 Male’ 
Republic of Maldives

Food distributors / wholesalers in Maldives. Importers, wholesaler and retailers of food products like fresh fruits and vegetables, processed foods etc.

6a Finiunimaage, Sosun Magu
Malé – 20072, Maldives

Food  and Beverages Importers in Maldives.

Dharavandhooge Uthuruge, First Floor
Lainoofaru Magu, 20223, Male', Republic of Maldives

Fresh fruits and vegetables importer and distributor in the Maldives. 

Aagé 2nd Floor 02-02
12 Boduthakurufaanu Magu
Malé , 20094
Republic of Maldives

Maldives food and beverage supplier. Premier supplier to Maldives resorts. Imports mainly from Australia, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the UK.

Il,Ora Pvt.Ltd.
Ma.Never Cone
Ground Floor
Chaandhanee Magu ,
Male’, 20175
Republic of Maldives

Italian food distributor in Maldives. Importer and Wholesale Distributor of Fine Italian food products.

Irudhashuge, Filigas Magu, 
Henveiru Male, Maldives, 20004

Fruits and vegetables importers and wholesalers in Maldives. Wholesale supply chain especially Fresh Vegetable and Fruits store in the city of Maldives. Import directly from India And Srilanka.

4th Floor, #15 & 16, MF Building
Chandanee Magu, Male, 20189, Maldives

FMCG distributors. Fast Moving Consumer Products Distribution company in Maldives.

K.U.M Building
Moosa Ibrahim Didi Goalhi
Male', Maldives

FMCG importer & distributor in Maldives. Imports and distributes top of the range high quality brands & products through out Maldives. Sole Agent for over 15 exclusive brands.

Starpatrons Trading Maldives
#No: 63-02-06,  Hulumale
23000, K. Male, Maldives
Phone: +960 911-6929

Food importers and distributors in Maldives. Importers, wholesalers and suppliers of all foodstuffs, fresh fruits & vegetables to Resorts, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hotels and Ship Chandlers in Maldives.


Global Supply Centre
Unit K5 SIBA Warehouse,
PO Box No. 1284,
Victoria, Mahe,
Rep of Seychelles
Tel : +248 4 345041
Fax:  +248 4 345439

Food importers and distributors in Seychelles.

Vinayaga Impex Pty Ltd
Michael Building
Quincy Street, Victoria Mahe
Tel: 002482711333 | 002482783760 | 
FMCG distribution company in Seychelles. Importer & Distributor of Fast moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

Gopi Veg. Food & General Merchant
Kb Emporium, Providence Industrial Estate, 
Mahé, Seychelles
Tel: +248 2 529236

Food importers and distributors in Seychelles. Products are sourced from Europe and countries like Dubai, India and South Africa.

Hospitality Supplies Ltd
Bois de Rose Ave, Victoria, 
Tel: +248 4611 307 / 308 / 309

Food Importers and supplier for hotels & guest houses in Seychelles.

Seychelles Trading Company (STC)
P.O Box 634
Latanier Road, Mahe
Tel: +248 4285000
Fax: +248 4224735

Fruits and vegetables importers and suppliers in Seychelles. Dry goods importers. Product range includes sunflower oil, powder milk, onions, potatoes, red lentils, flour, sugar, rice, margarine, salt. Importing from different countries around the globe, including Africa, Europe, USA, China and other Asian countries, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and UAE.

International Food Solution Pty Ltd
FSA Zone C3,
PO Box: 1020,
Mahe, Seychelles
Tel: +248-4-373-143
Fax: +248-4-373-144

Food Importer and distributors in Seychelles and Maldives. Product range includes dry foods (Cereals, Biscuits, Dry fruits, Canned foods, Grains to Pulses including sauces & seasoning oils), fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables (primarily from Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and China) etc.

Dan Import & Export
Beau Vallon
P.O. Box 129
Tel +248 248248
Fax +248 247634
Food Importer and distributor in Seychelles catering to the needs of the Food Service and Retail Sector. Importing from Italy, Spain, South Africa, U.A.E., Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia. Turkey.

Faith Imports
P.O.Box 894
Victoria, Seychelles
Tel: +248- 2619987/2714087
Food and beverage company in Seychelles. Importer and wholesaler of a wide range of food items and beverages, serving local shops,supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, guest houses etc. Imports huge range of food products, including breakfast cereals, noodles, biscuits, juices chocolates and many more. Products are imported from different countries including Italy, Greece, UAE, India, Malaysia, China and others.

Pillay R Group of Companies
Head Office
P.O Box 87, Market Street
Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
Phone: +248 4610772

FMCG distributor in Seychelles. Importation, warehousing, wholesale distribution & marketing of reputed global brands & trading. Product includes Oriental foods, lentils, Soft drinks, sauces etc.

Apex Hotel Supplies
Bois De Rose Avenue
Fsa Trade Zone, P.O Box 467
Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
Tel: +248 438 9950

Importer of dry food and beverage brands. Hotel supplies in the Seychelles. Product range includes fruits and vegetables, snack items, dairy products etc.

Vendesto Ltd.
Pointe Larue,
Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
Tel: +248 432 37 08
Fax: +248 432 11 78

Food suppliers in Seychelles. Importer and distributor of a wide range of food. Products are imported from Europe, Africa, USA, China and several other Asian countries. Product includes rice, pulses, coffee, chips, cereals, or biscuits, tea, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy and cheese products etc.

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